What does the global ASF situation look like?

Source: SAPPO Weekly Update, 4 June 2021, photo credit: GIZ

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This report presents an historical overview on the situation of African swine fever (ASF). The ASF events reported to the OIE by its members through the World Animal Health Information System, WAHIS from 2016 to 2020(up to June 18)were included;as since 2016, a pattern of significant increase in the amount of outbreaks was identified.

The disease is present in the African, European and Asianregion. In this period, 30% (60/201) of the reporting countries and territories have reported the disease as present. In Europe,manycountries reported the first occurrence of the diseasesince 2016.

Moldova notified the disease as present inSeptember 2016, then Czech Republic in June 2017,followed by Romania in July 2017, Hungary in April 2018, Bulgaria in August 2018, the recurrence of the disease was reportedby Belgium in September 2018 (last event occurred in 1985), Slovakia reported the first occurrence of the disease in July 2019, and most recently, Serbia in January 2020 and Greece in February 2020.

In Asiaand the Pacific, China People’s Republic notified the presence of the disease for the first timein August 2018, Mongolia in January 2019, then Vietnam in February 2019, Cambodia in March 2019,Hong Kong (SAR-PRC) in May 2019, Korea in May 2019, Laos in June 2019, Myanmar in August 2019, Philippines in July, 2019, Korea in September 2019, Timor-Leste in September 2019, Indonesia in November 2019, and more recently, Papua New Guinea in March, 2020and India in May 2020.The distribution of the disease since 2016 is illustrated in Figure 1.
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