Gauteng Vet Services’ vigilance leads to quick identification of ASF in Daveyton

Thanks to the vigilance of Gauteng Veterinary Services a new ASF outbreak on a communal pig farming operation outside Daveyton near Springs, was quickly identified last Friday.

The communal farming operation has been depopulated of pigs and SAPPO commends Gauteng Veterinary Services for its professional proactive and reactive procedures – Thank you.

“We suspect that some of the Daveyton pigs were bought at the same auction where the Delmas ASF outbreak a few weeks ago presumably originated and infected the entire population in the communal farming operation,” says Dr Peter Evans, who heads consumer assurance at SAPPO.

“We are grateful to Gauteng Veterinary Services for its quick response to identify the outbreak and also to the Daveyton community’s cooperation, allowing us to cull their pigs.”

Dr Evans says surveillance of the area by Gauteng Veterinary Services will continue, as well as the Delmas area by Mpumalanga Veterinary Services. All farmers who bought pigs at the auction that is suspected to be the source of the outbreaks will be investigated.

He urged commercial pig farmers in the area to ensure the highest biosecurity measures on their farms, particularly with regard to vehicles travelling to and from abattoirs.

Dr Evans indicated that both Mpumalanga and Gauteng Veterinary Services personnel were impressed with the members of the SAPPO’s business development team who assisted in both depopulation efforts.

“SAPPO members should be proud of the way the SAPPO BDM team behaves and is perceived by the wider community – Well done, team we are proud of you.”

A word of thanks also to the NSPCA who were present at both depopulation occasions to ensure that the process was handled humanely.

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) coordinates industry interventions and collaboratively manages risks in the value chain to enable the sustainability and profitability of pork producers in South Africa.