Alltech global feed survey finds global feed production grew 1% last year

Source: Alltech, January 2021, photo credit: Alexander Kirch/123RF/digitaltrends

Alltech released the results of its 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey. The survey, now in its 10th year, collected data from 142 countries and more than 28 000 feed mills. The survey data show that international feed tonnage increased by 1% last year, to 1 187.7 million metric tons (MMT). China’s production saw 5% growth, and the country reclaimed the position as the top feed-producing country with 240 MMT.

The top 10 feed producing countries are:

  1. China – 240 MMT (+5% growth)
  2. U.S. – 215.9 MMT (+1% growth)
  3. Brazil – 77.6 MMT (+10% growth)
  4. India – 39.3 MMT (-5% growth)
  5. Mexico – 37.9 MMT (+4% growth)
  6. Spain – 34.8 MMT (0% growth)
  7. Russia – 31.3 MMT (+3% growth)
  8. Japan – 25.2 MMT (0% growth)
  9. Germany – 24.9 MMT (0% growth)
  10. Argentina – 22.5 MMT (+7% growth)

Combined, these countries account for 63% of the world’s feed production and can be viewed as an indicator of the overall trends in agriculture, the company says.

By species production breaks down as:

  • Broilers – 28%. Globally, broiler feed increased by 1%.
  • Pigs – 24%. Globally, pig feed increased by 1%.
  • Layers –14%. Globally, layer feed production remained flat.
  • Dairy – 11%. Globally, dairy feed production remained relatively flat.
  • Beef – 10%. The world’s largest beef feed producer, the United States, saw a 1% increase in beef feed and now produces 54% of the world’s beef feed.
  • Other species – 7%.
  • Aquaculture – 4%. The overall global growth of 3% was the strongest among all of the primary protein species.
  • Pets – 2%. European pet feed grew the most, and several countries contributed to this, including the U.K., France, Spain, Turkey and Belgium.

The largest growth came from the broiler, pig, aqua and pet feed sectors, the survey shows.

For a holistic look at the state of the industry, the survey also incorporated qualitative questions to uncover trends such as COVID-19, sustainability and antibiotic reduction, the company says.  The full 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey results, including species-specific feed production numbers, interactive graphs and maps, are available at

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