A snapshot of global Covid-19 vaccines

Source: Christi Nortier, Daily Maverick, 10 January 2020, photo credit: The Scientist Magazine

To date, more than 15.9 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in 37 countries. Almost half of all countries rely solely on the Covax facility for access to vaccines, and they may have to wait until 2022 for their shipment. We take a look at which vaccines have been dispensed, and where.

Out of the hundreds of Covid-19 vaccine candidates, seven have already been given approval for general use or authorised for emergency use. And all of the world’s countries want their fair share of them. Already, more than 8.25 billion doses have been bought up and some 15 million doses have been injected across 37 countries. These seven vaccines have the same effect, but work differently in the body and require their own means of transport, storage and administration. And at each stage the entire enterprise could collapse.

What is it that vaccines do in the body?

Vaccines may vary in their makeup, manufacturing and storage, but they all prepare the body to annihilate Covid-19 before it even encounters it. Vaccines assist the body’s own natural defence against disease: the immune system’s strength and its ability to remember past confrontations with a disease.
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