ASF accelerated a lot in Vietnam’s pig industry

African Swine Fever entered Vietnam 15 months ago. This aggravated a crisis that started in the pig industry in 2018. One thing is certain: ASF has accelerated developments in Vietnam’s pig industry. In a few years, the pig business will look completely different, according to Gabor Fluit, CEO Asia at animal nutrition company De Heus.

Gabor Fluit has been working for the Asian branch of animal nutrition company De Heus since 2008. Soon after, the company made its first steps into Vietnam. A well-timed choice, as De Heus and the country’s prosperity grew. The professionalisation of Vietnam’s pig industry allowed De Heus to acquire a strategic position on the Vietnamese feed market. The company is even participating on the market with 2 GP/GGP farms and a boar station, using Topigs Norsvin genetics.
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