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Germany will evaluate anti-tail docking policy

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Source: Anne-Marie van der Linde, Pig Progress, 19 April 2021, photo credit: WATTAgNet

Germany’s policy that aims to reduce tail docking will be evaluated in the course of this year. Yet next steps in the policy steps are already in preparation.

Germany’s national action plan “Kupierverzicht” was launched in 2019, following growing pressure by the European Union on the theme of tail docking.

The plan’s goal was to grow the number of intact tails bit by bit. Evaluating the action plan in no way means that the German authorities will stop with the initiatives, stated Luise Ehrlich of the Association for Bioeconomy Research (FBF), in an interview with Germany’s agricultural title Top Agrar.

The exact date of the evaluation is not known yet. This is something that is to be decided by the federal ministry of agriculture, which in turn is dependent on the constituent states, local agricultural organisations and animal health organisations.
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