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Food suppliers have an obligation to their customers

“Food suppliers have an obligation to their customers to ensure that a safe product is provided,” said Christa Malan of Christa Malan Consultants at the Sampa annual general 2014.
She outlined the role of the Global Food Initiative (GFSI), a division of the Consumer Goods Forum, the only independent global network for consumer goods retailers and manufacturers worldwide. The GFSI is a business-driven initiative for the continuous improvement of food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide.
Current activities by the GFSI include the definition of food safety requirements along the entire food supply chain to cover scopes such as feed, distribution and packaging. The development of a capacity building programme for small and/or less developed businesses are also in the pipeline. “We will facilitate their access to local markets. We also focus on food safety auditors by facilitating industry experts to common consensus on the skills, knowledge and attributes that a competent auditor should possess.”
Malan said being part of the GFSI means that a supplier only has to undergo one audit. It is not only cheaper, but also easier to comply.
A supplier information day was held on 23 July, which also served as the official launch of the GFSI.

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