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Food disruption: Our time of eating meat could be drawing to a close


A monumental shift in the way that we produce and consume food, in particular protein, is essential if the Earth is to avoid a climate catastrophe. Scientists, it seems, are well on their way to a solution, but it could spell the end of the beef industry.

By 2050 the Earth will be supporting 10 billion people and its resources will be stretched to breaking point. If humans carry on with business as usual – which is to believe that the planet’s resources are infinite – demand for beef, just beef alone, will increase 95% by 2050 according to research from the World Resources Institute.

Livestock farming accounts for 14.5% of the 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by agriculture, forestry and land use at present. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if farming animals was an efficient process for creating protein, but it’s not. 
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