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Feed costs hurting Ukraine’s pig industry

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Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov, Pig Progress, 30 November 2020, photo credit: POLITICO

Ukrainian pig farmers have asked the government to protect the industry, which suffers from abnormally expensive feed grain.

The average production costs of pig feed in Ukraine increased from 4.90 hryvnia (US$ 0.17) per kg as of the beginning of 2020 to 7.00 hryvnia (US$ 0.25) per kg as of early October, the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders (AUPB) said in an open letter filed to the government.

Given the low market price for live pigs, the expensive feed incurs huge losses to pig farmers, pushing them out of operation. Against that this background, Ukrainian pig farmers have asked the government to limit corn exports in order to contain the growth of prices on the domestic grain market.
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