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Expert demystifies new African swine fever virus in China

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Source: Jennifer Shike, Farm Journal’s Pork, 5 November 2021, photo credit:

A newly discovered low virulent, genotype 1, African swine fever (ASF) virus is causing chronic infections in China’s pig herd, says ASF expert Dan Rock at the University of Illinois. 

Research confirms the detection of a second ASF virus strain present in two Chinese provinces, Rock wrote in the latest Swine Health Information Center newsletter. The ASF viruses described are genotype 1 viruses, distinct from the currently circulating genotype 2 virus Georgia-07 and its derivatives.

“These virus isolates (hemadsorption negative) are of lower virulence characterized by a chronic disease presentation including necrotic skin lesions and joint swelling,” Rock explains. “Data presented suggest the viruses are readily transmissible to contact animals. Notably, pigs infected with these viruses could easily be missed early in a disease outbreak due to their reduced virulence.”
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