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EU pig prices continue their decline

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Source: The Pig Site, 12 October 2021, photo credit: The Migration Observatory

New data shows that the average pig price in the European Union has fallen by 4%, continuing the decline that began in mid-June.

Analysis from AHDB finds that EU pig prices have continued to decline in recent weeks. In the last four weeks, the EU average price has fallen by 4%, with most member states posting a decline. By the week ended 26 September, the average reference price had dropped to €136.08/100kg. The average as now been falling for 15 consecutive weeks and has lost over €30 (18%) in that time. Prices are now back to levels last seen in February, more than €5 below the same week last year, and about €45 below 2019 levels.

Falling prices have been driven by strong supply levels across Europe, while export demand from Asia has weakened and demand within the EU remains difficult to stimulate.
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