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Ensuring a future for Canada’s pig producers

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Source: Treena Hein, Pig Progress, 14 June 2021, photo credit: PAMSA

As the number of independent (non-integrated) farms shuttering pig barns grows in Canada, it is wise to pursue crucial pricing negotiations more than ever.

Pig farmers in Canada have long been vulnerable to many factors, including swine influenza, PEDv and other diseases, trade wars with China – and most recently, Covid-19. In 2020, meat processing plants in both Canada and the US were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic, causing huge pig backlogs on farms and a crash in pig prices.

The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) took action on behalf of its producer members, asking the federal government for aid. Pig producers, the organisation pointed out, were losing over $ 30 CAD (€ 20) per finished pig, while weanlings in some cases had completely lost their cash value. No aid was ever provided.
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