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Elanco - SAPPO News - Sponsor 2022

Dedicated to conserving, and improving, intestinal integrity

In recent years, we have expanded our awareness and knowledge of the diverse interactions taking place at gut level and how they correlate to overall pig health, welfare, and ultimately performance.

The integrity of the intestinal system plays a critical role in powering the swine herd growth curve as well as growth efficiency. Animal feed remains the single largest cost centre in global swine production, so it is critical that producers get the maximum from this investment. A healthy, intact intestinal mucosa will promote optimal nutrient absorption from pig diets with a consequent positive effect on growth and profit performance.  

Elanco’s swine team remains committed to partnering with you to pioneer ways to achieve better outcomes. Please contact your local Elanco representative for sales and technical support and/or to discuss your specific needs.

Karl Poulsen
Regional nutritional advisor, Elanco
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