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By harnessing science and working in partnership with our customers, DSM is helping to deliver sustainable animal farming that respects animals, people, and planet while delivering the volume, price, and margin customers demand and the farming community is capable of supplying.

Increase protein digestion
RONOZYME® ProAct is DSM best-in-class feed protease, which increases protein digestion across a range of feed ingredients, thereby reducing feed costs. RONOZYME® ProAct optimizes amino acids digestion, reduces costs, mitigates effects of feed protein variability, reduces adverse effects of anti-nutritional factors, as well as improves gastrointestinal functionality.

Maximize your proteins, reduce feed costs
Proteases are enzymes that break down protein into peptides needed by animals. RONOZYME® ProAct is the best-in-class feed protease market reference, which not only optimizes amino acids digestibility, but also supports sustainable animal production. RONOZYME® ProAct provides additional protein digestibility on top of endogenous proteases, resulting in a 3-6 % increase in amino acid digestibility.

To better understand how RONOZYME® ProAct could positively support your feed formulations, please visit

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