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Covid-19’s impact on logistics is creating ripple effects in other industries

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Source: Bizcommunity, 2 September 2020, photo credit: Supa Boss Logistics

According to Samantha Naidoo, Logistics Industry Value Advisor at SAP Africa, the logistics industry’s response to the pandemic will greatly influence how well other sectors of the economy are able to adapt to our new reality. “The sector forms the backbone of global trade and is fundamental to the effective running of most other sectors. Any disruption in the sector has ripple effects on the performance of other sectors.

“For example, a shortage of fibre components affects Internet service providers’ ability to onboard and retain customers, and if those customers are businesses, their ability to remain productive and connected to their customers during lockdown is negatively affected too. And so the ripple effects cascade across industries and affects businesses big and small in significant ways.”
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