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Brazilian industry points out shortage risk of veterinary medicines

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Source: Pig Progress, 7 August 2020, photo credit: Pig World

Brazilian livestock producers have been using their stocks since March, but supply can be a problem for the second half of 2020.

The Brazilian National Union of the Industry for Animal Health Products (SINDAN) has warned that producers might be dealing with a lack of veterinary medicines in the second half of this year, despite the fact that they have been operating normally during the first few months of the pandemic.

The Union held a survey among its associated members in June, 52,2 percent of whom reported difficulties with importing active ingredients during the pandemic. They also expect prices to rise in the upcoming months because a large part of the inputs are imported.

“This sector has been seriously impacted by the pandemic. We had problems importing medicines such as ivermectin, abamectin and doramectin, which are important for cattle, and antibiotics for pig and poultry”, SINDAN president Emilio Salani said.
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