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Assessment of cleaning and disinfection of pig transport vehicles: Visual inspection

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Source: Anna Romagosa,, 22 June 2020, photo credit: Saudi Press Agency

According to European and Spanish regulations, all animal transport vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected each and every time pigs are unloaded at slaughterhouses, farms and collection points. However, there are no specific explanations as to how this should be done.

This important task is often underestimated in the prevention of disease spread due to these gaps in legislation or the vagueness of the procedure. Therefore, validation of these processes is key to raising awareness and to monitoring companies and means of transport.

The verification process requires two types of inspections: visual inspection and microbiological validation. In this first article we will outline visual inspection.

Visual inspection is the first and one of the most important points to validate the proper cleaning of an animal transport vehicle.
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