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ASF outbreak reported in the Western Cape

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 1.43.58 PM

Source: SAPPO News February 2021, photo credit: NEXT IAS

SAPPO is dismayed to report that we have been advised that ASF has been found in the Western Cape, says SAPPO’s Dr Peter Evans.

“The outbreak occurred in a settlement known as Mfuleni, which is no far from Cape Town Airport. A worrying aspect emerging in outbreaks is that we are seeing more cases where pigs are dying that show more subtle symptoms rather than classic haemorrhagic (bleeding) signs.

These include respiratory type lesions and nervous symptoms. Currently, surveillance of the area in which ASF has been diagnosed is ongoing to establish how many pigs and owners reside in the vicinity where after a plan to manage and control the outbreak will be made,” he says.

Read media release of DALRRD

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