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ASF could change the world’s protein situation forever


“ASF is the first virus in history that could lead to a shortage of protein in the world. I believe that this could change the face of animal production forever. Without food production we can’t survive,” said Dr Pieter Vervoort, chairman of the National Animal Health Forum (NAHF), at a media briefing this week.

“China is very worried about its serious ASF situation as this is leading to a serious decrease in the countries’ availability of pork. Pork is China’s main source of nutrition. Not all countries could import their food as Singapore does as they do not have the money to do so,” he said.

Dr Vervoort said he believes that South Africa is still an extremely food secure country, but this could change.

“Many South Africans do not have family farming anymore as in the past. Consumers will become more and more disconnected with where and how their food is produced. The media has a huge role to play to continuously inform consumers where their food is coming from and that farmers have no intention to rip them off,” Dr Vervoort said.

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