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Agbiz, BFAP says SA’s agriculture sector is stabilising

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Source: Bizcommunity, 9 June 2020, photo credit: Microsoft

Experts in the agricultural sector are confident that the introduction of level 3 lockdown restrictions will bring relief to the food supply chain, which has experienced significant disruptions over the past two months.

Professor Ferdi Meyer, Managing Director of the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), says that disruptions experienced by the agro-food chain during Levels 4 and 5 include decreased sales as a result of restaurant closures, lower overall demand due to reduced economic activity, and challenges at ports causing considerable congestion in exports.

“However, since mid-May, most agribusinesses reported that they were operating at 80% capacity and weren’t wasting significantly more product compared to the business-as-usual scenario,” he says.
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