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View from up close: What the Covid-19 crisis reveals about SA


Source: Saul Musker, Daily Maverick, 28 September 2020, photo credit: National Geographic

The old adage suggests that a person’s true character is revealed in a crisis. The same could be said of a country.

It takes a crisis as severe as the one we are living through to realise just how much the society we live in matters. We are suddenly bound together, reminded of our fragility and our dependence on others. Our health and safety depend on the actions of strangers, and on the protection offered by the state.

For some, this is a source of frustration and anger. It isn’t easy to accept that the actions of others might determine our fate. The loss of control provokes resentment and rage.

For many, there is a sense of agency in being able to contribute to a greater effort, in being part of a collective with responsibility for others. 
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