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Strengthening the team

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Danie du Plessis (left) has been appointed chairperson of SAPPO’s Audit and Risk Committee. He has been a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 33 years.

He provided professional services to a variety of corporate and family-owned businesses. Since 30 June 2014 he serves as an independent director/trustee of several entities, acting as chairman of four audit and risk committees and providing non-audit services to various companies.

SAPPO’s Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for liaising with the external auditors, it manages the effectiveness of the internal control system, manages the effectiveness of the risk management system, ensures proper financial reporting to the SAPPO executive council and to the SAPPO annual general meeting and ensures that the SAPPO board is aware of matters, which may significantly impact the financial condition and affairs of its business.

Willie Miller is an industrial engineer, who spent the last 23 years in the banking sector. He will consult SAPPO on various matters. He served on FNB’s executive committee, responsible for the Private Banking division and also as CEO of the Business Banking division. He is chairman of FNB’S Agricultural Advisory Board.

This role introduced him to agriculture. “When SAPPO invited me to join its board I could not resist,” he says.

“The pork industry is innovative and specialised and is always looking for ways to improve. I hope that I will play a role in this regard, by asking the ‘unexpected’ questions from someone who has not always been involved in the industry. I will use my business experience and my industrial engineering background to make a contribution to SAPPO’s functioning. It is a honour for me to be involved in the pork industry,” Miller says.

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