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Sow housing: Big Dutchman has a plan

Big Dutchman-min

Big Dutchman has been serving the Southern African Market since 1966 with world class poultry and pig equipment. We are a world renowned brand which originated in 1938 with the invention of the first automatic Chain Feeding system. Since then, our specialties have branched out into all housing systems – offering a complete package design from feed and drinking automation, to effective climate control.

Each of our feeding systems is a perfect choice for pregnant sows kept in groups. They ideally combine the advantages of animal-friendly housing and a feeding method specially adapted to the requirements of each individual sow. For the sows, group management means more freedom to move, better health and robustness. Individual, computer-controlled feeding allows the feed supply to be matched precisely to the condition of the sow. For the farm manager, this means healthy sows, performance-related feeding and best use of the house surface area. The feeding station can also be used to select sows automatically.

For more information please call Scotty at (035) 449 6779.

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