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SAPPO regards research to be one of the pillars on which the pork industry stands. Research in the pork industry is in the interest of the entire red meat chain including the consumer, and SAPPO believes that pork research should enjoy government support.

SAPPO has a Research Portfolio Committee to manage research and development within the pork industry. Prof Francois Siebrits is SAPPO’s research coordinator. He can be contacted at

SAPPO’s Research Committee has the following functions:

  • To identify pertinent areas within the pig industry requiring research and development. (This necessitates wide scale consultation with producers, industry role-players, research experts, etc.)

  • To formulate projects to address the needs identified in the first point above. (This could involve literature reviews where appropriate or original research projects as required.)

  • To make decisions regarding projects to be funded and to communicate and motivate these to the SAPPO board.

  • To take care of contractual and payment details, and to ensure that all stipulated requirements are met including time schedules, progress reports, final reports, etc.

  • To ensure that information pertaining to the progress and the conclusion of the research projects is disseminated promptly and efficiently. (This will include the distribution of popular articles and recommendations to industry.)

  • To attempt to evaluate completed research projects and determine value for money.

  • The Committee also awards research bursaries to postgraduate students in high priority fields.