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High feed costs? Review your health programme


Source: Elise Toohill, Farm Journal’s Pork, 10 February 2021, photo credit: Feed Strategy/luisrock62/

Higher feed costs mean pork producers are focused on minimising cost of production and improving feed efficiency. With feed costs expected to grow $10+/cwt in 2021, now is a good time to take another look at your management practices.

Now’s a good time to consider adjusting optimal weights as market opportunities are available and reviewing time off feed protocols, switching gears to save feed cost over time by thorough evaluation of individual ingredients, and watching corn micron size and implementing pelleting where available*.  
As you focus on these management factors to decrease feed costs and improve efficiencies, don’t forget to give your health protocols a review to see if interventions are now warranted due to a different return on investment.
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