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Biologic ‘black swans’ converge on U.S. swine industry

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Source: Kevin Schulz, National Hog Farmer, 24 August 2020, photo credit: Asia Times

Covid-19 has been grabbing the headlines, but African swine fever is still very real.

The U.S. pork industry is at a crossroads, “and like it or not, but China holds a lot of our collective fate right now,” Brett Stuart, co-founder and CEO of Global AgriTrends, told a number of lenders and swine producers during a webinar sponsored by Minnesota Pork Tuesday.

Two biologic “black swan” events have converged to put the country’s swine sector maybe more in the crosshairs than at a crossroads. COVID-19 maybe be grabbing the headlines since late last year, but the ill effects of African swine fever started being a market factor when it was first reported in August 2018. Since it hit in China, ASF has decimated “roughly one-third of all hogs in the world, which is incredible and is still raging,” he says.
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