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BFAP briefs on COVID-19


COVID-19 has caused widespread turmoil and volatility since the start of 2020 and the measures implemented to contain it have sent shockwaves throughout the global economy.

In order to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 containment measures on South Africa’s agriculture and food system, the BFAP team has worked on a number of different initiatives over the past month. These include six short briefs on key issues related to food security, both in terms of availability and affordability, as well as an interactive platform that provides key baseline data related to food production, consumption and trade to decision makers in this uncertain time.

They are:

• South Africa has sufficient food supplies – how dependent is South Africa on imports for key food products?

•  How South Africans spend their food budgets

•  Food security requires clarity on the classification of essential goods and services in agriculture

• Potential implications of global trade policies for South Africa’s rice supply

•  Food price outlook for Quarter 2 2020 and beyond

• The use of agricultural inputs in South Africa and the extent of import dependence for these inputs

The interactive portal, which is continuously updated with new relevant information, can be accessed through BFAP’s  website, or visit

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