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African countries form new vet pact


The African Society for Pig Veterinarians (ASPV) was launched yesterday in Pretoria. The objective of the organisation is to exchange knowledge about pig health, food safety and production practices in Africa. Veterinarians from various countries attended the meeting. 

Speakers at the inaugural congress of the African Society of Pig Veterinarians (ASPV):

Dr Biko Gadaga (Zimbabwe), Dr Leana Janse van Rensburg (South Africa), Dr Carlos Quembo (Mozambique), Dr Peter Evans (South Africa), Prof Mary-Lou Penrith (South Africa), Prof Armanda Bastos (South Africa), Dr Vistorina Benhard (Namibia), Dr Martin Simuunza (Zambia), Dr Juanita van Heerden (South Africa) and Dr Maurice Karani (Kenya)

the team leaders: Dr Maurice Karani Murungi of Kenya (secretary general), Dr Peter Evans of SAPPO (president) and Dr Cilliers Louw of SAPPO (treasurer).

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