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  pork, but their enthusiasm and pas- sion to take part in the competition was heartwarming and so encourag- ing,” says SAPPO’s Marieta Human.
Participation in compartments increasing
The number of piggeries that are compartmentalised have risen to 62 sow farms and 50 weaner/grower units. In total, 112 units are now compartmentalised. They repre- sent nearly 80 000 sows and their offspring.
  BTA presents first training since lockdown
The Baynesfield Training Academy (BTA) commenced with training in September. BTA was closed since the end of March, following the announcement of the countrywide lockdown due to Covid-19.
“Despite the lockdown the inter- est in receiving training continued and both existing and aspiring farm- ers could not wait for the academy to open,” says Kgadi Senyatsi, who heads SAPPO’s Business Develop- ment division.
“We are proud to announce that the first lecture since the lockdown
was presented on 28 September 2020 with ten students attending. The course was presented with all safety measures in place,” she says.
Please contact the academy on 076 430 6899/gm@baynesacademy. for future training dates and more details on the training.
  International recognition for Porcus
The organisation Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) announced its 2020 top 25 international business-to-business publications in Cleveland (Ohio) recently.
Entries from around the world
The competition usually receives about 500 entries from around the world, among others, the USA, Can- ada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Porcus is featuring on this year’s top 25 list.
Thank you to all our loyal readers of some 35 years, and a big thank you to our input suppliers for your huge contribution to making the publication of Porcus possible. This one’s for you! – Editor
Latest reach of SA Pork Quick- food Recipe Cub is almost
2 700 000
The most recent campaign report
of the SA Pork Quickfood Recipe Club featured in Tuis I Home shows that 2 671 957 people have seen
the campaign between 1 May and 11 September. Of these consumers 283 037 viewed the cooking videos and 92 553 people engaged with the content in social media or as news- letter feedback.
They will help distribute the awareness pamphlets to small farm- ers in the Western Cape.
 ASF awareness campaign in the Western Cape
Dr Cilliers Louw of SAPPO in the Western Cape (left) recently pre- sented ASF awareness pamphlets
to the department of agriculture’s Western Cape Veterinary Services division. Malcolm Cupido (right) and Judith Gavu received the pamphlets.
     Despite the lockdown the interest continued and farmers could not wait for the academy to open.
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