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   Thank you for supporting our webinars
SAPPO’s three webinars the past weeks were well received and feed- back was very positive. Thank you to all who participated and especially to our guest speakers on 3 and 11 September for their very interesting talks. We appreciate you sharing your insights and knowledge. SAPPO is planning another webinar before the end of the year. We will keep you updated.
SAPPO’s webinar in November will create a foodie frenzy
SAPPO’s last webinar this year will take place on 5 November. The event will be aimed at creating engagement with as many South Af-
rican food writers, stylists, bloggers and photographers as possible, and the SA Pork FBC (Food Blast Com- petition) will officially be launched during the webinar. The attendance will be by invitation only.
“We are hopeful and expect a good turnout and participation in the competition, as there will be attractive prizes on offer,” says SAP- PO’s Marieta Human.
plant now Pork
360 compliant
Congratulations to Malu Pork. Its processing plant passed an audit and is now Pork 360 accredited.
New addition to
trade report
The Business Intelligence division of SAPPO constantly focuses on improving the intelligence outputs through its monthly industry re-
ports. In addition to Pork Trade, this Trade Report will in future include export and import information on additional meat types, including bo- vine, lamb/sheep and poultry. Visit for more information.
Innovative online competition improves pork skills
SAPPO launched an online recipe invention competition during the hard lockdown period. It challenged first year chef students all over the country who were in lockdown at home to create and cook a pork recipe feeding three to four people for under R100.
Ten students each won an elec- tronic Takelot voucher worth R250, out of 17 culinary academies who participated. “Some of the overall entries showed how much first year students still have to learn about
Covid, ASF on the agenda at EPP board meeting
 The main discussion points on the 81st European Pig Producers’ (EPP) Skype board meeting were the impact of Covid-19 on the pig indus-
try, as well as the outbreak of ASF in Germany. South Africa is a member of the EPP.
Slaughterhouses in Europe closed down due to positive Covid-19 cases, which had a negative impact on slaughter capacity and prices.
Nearly all meetings, gather- ings, trade fairs and events have been transformed into the virtual space. The “virtual cry” of the EPP members was a longing to interact and to have personal contact with stakeholders.
The German pork industry is under constrained due to a first case of
ASF in the wild boar population in Brandenburg, close to the Polish border.
Uncertainty of the market response and the ability to control ASF in Europe has a daunting effect on pig producers. It is estimated that Europe can lose 5 – 10% of its pig producers in these few months.
As South African pork producers we are blessed with the opportunity and privilege to farm and to have a positive outlook for the near pork future.
Johann Kotzé, CEO SAPPO
    As SA pork producers we are blessed with the opportunity and privilege to farm and to have a positive outlook.

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