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 Nydia Brits, Drikus Degenaar, Mark Ortmann, Koketso Masa Mokhubedu, Jaco Theron and Janine Jugdawooh during their VEP 600 (intensive elective).
Adapting to the new normal of teaching and training during Covid-19 outbreak
Written by the students above and edited by Dr Japhta M Mokoele of UP
The outbreak of Covid-19 has challenged us to adopt the so- called new normal of teaching
and training in the institutions of high learning. We had to quickly adopt new ways of teaching and training. This included the hybrid model adopted by the University of Pretoria during our pig week from 14 to 18 September 2020.
Our porcine elective week programme began on 14 September 2020. It was filled with interesting and very informative online topics through collaborate platform discussions, presentations and visits to pig farms. We are very grateful for this week as we are veterinary students with a special interest in intensive production.
We had an opportunity to learn from very qualified, knowledgeable and experienced people who are actively involved in the industry.
During the week we visited two piggeries, Mulungu agricultural co-operative and Baviaanspoort correctional services, where we learned about the daily operations, challenges faced in pig farming, and how pig veterinarians can
help farmers to be productive and sustainable.
From the presentations and discussions, we learnt about new advancements in vaccinations and treatments for preventative care. We also learnt about protocols in place for controlled animal diseases such as African swine fever in South Africa.
We have also learnt that nutrition is a major contributing factor to sow longevity and that it is also an important factor in the productivity of the pig farm.
A discussion was also held on
the genetic enhancement of pig breeds that contribute to improved production in piggeries.
We had an interesting life coaching online session in which
we were shown the importance of aligning goals with values for ultimate success. The week ended with a pig veterinarian session.
This was a question and answer session with an active pig vet in the industry. This was also an eye- opener that left us enthusiastic to engage more with the pig industry.
We would like to thank Dr Charles Gilfillan from Kemin, Dr Bianca Voigts from Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Maygan Jennings from Zoetis, Dr Leana Janse van Rensburg, a state veterinarian from DARLLD, Mashilo Phosa from Chemuniqué, Andrew Reeders, and Lihandi van Niekerk from Topigs Norsvin, Dr Dorothea Mostert from CS Vet and Dr Mats Abatzidis from Influential Life Coaching.
They had taken the time to share their knowledge with us and this has taken our training to a new level, as what we have learnt will aid us as future veterinarians.

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