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  The UK must reward farmers for maintaining and improving landscapes, says NFU
The UK’s National Farmers Union is launching a new report that shows the pivotal role British farming plays in maintaining the nation’s landscapes and sets out how future policy needs to enable farmers to continue their work.
The report sets out that the government’s new Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs) must be accessible to all farmers and reward them for the role they are best placed to play in maintaining and improving their landscape.
With over a year passing since the Glover review into UK landscapes, and still no government response, the report reveals that:
The public have rights of access
on more than 225 000 km of public rights of way in England and Wales, which is the equivalent distance of 15 trips to Australia.
Farmers maintain more than
411 000 km of hedgerows in England and Wales, enough to wrap around the earth’s equator more than 10 times. Farmland is the destination of 48 per cent of visits to the natural environment in England, totalling around 4.1 billion visits every year.
NFU president Minette Batters said: “For generations farmers have created and maintained the iconic British countryside we all enjoy today, supporting rural economies and providing high quality, safe food for the nation. Our working landscapes
will continue to change but the one constant is those farmers managing and shaping this land.
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Current ASF situation in the European Union
Data published by the European Union’s Animal Disease Notification System (ADNS) for the first nine months of this year show a total of 8 567 reported cases in wild boar and 862 outbreaks in domestic pigs. The disease is on the rise in wild boar, where the numbers have exceeded the 2019 totals. It seems to be more controlled in domestic animals, where the number of outbreaks is falling following the peaks of 2018 and 2019, although cases have notably increased during this last quarter (346 outbreaks as of June 2020 vs 862 at the end of September).
In relation to the cases in
wild boar, the most noteworthy information is the first appearance of the disease in Germany. Since the outbreak on September 9, 46 cases have already been confirmed, all of them limited to Brandenburg, specifically to the districts of Spree- Neiße (9), Oder-Spree (36) and
Märkisch-Oderland (1).
The disease appears unstoppable
in Hungary, where the number of cases (3,533) is already double the total of 2019 (1,598). During this last quarter there have been more than 500 new outbreaks confirmed. Hungary is the country with the most cases in the EU, followed by Poland.
Canadian government revamps youth agriculture education
The federal government of Canada and the provincial government of Manitoba are supporting additional educational and outreach resources for Agriculture in the Classroom,
a key initiative that teaches young Canadians about farming.
The governments of Canada and Manitoba will be providing support
to Agriculture in the Classroom to adjust their educational and outreach resources in response to the COVID-19
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