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                                                                                                                               sources are available to be used in our diets, especially in gestation diets. If we look at literature, there are two extreme strategies with respect to fibre: The American approach, containing very low fibre diets and the European way, where much more fibre is included in diets and different fibre sources are being used. Fibre does play an important role in sows, with a positive effect on constipation, gut fill and stress, especially in group sow housing.
We know that there are differences in pigs weaned per sow per year between the American herds and the European herds, even within the same genetic source. Does fibre maybe play a role in this?
Varied intake
During the lactation phase the voluntary feed intake between the different genetic lines do vary. The recommended feeding strategies also differ between the genetic suppliers, as well as the composition of the diet. A lot of research
has been done on the effect of protein, energy and environmental
conditions on voluntary feed intake and production parameters of the sow. Sows in hot environments vs cool environments, have different feed intake patterns and the diet composition can be manipulated to enhance voluntary feed intake. It
is therefore very important to be able to measure feed intake in the farrowing house, even when we are doing ad lib feeding systems.
If sows do not eat enough, or
eat too much in the farrowing house, the negative effects are seen on early weans, sow condition, litter weight and reproduction performance in the following litter.
Many swine farmers in South Africa are home mixers. Different ingredients are available across the country for use in swine diets. When formulating diets, the available ingredients, prices and quality of ingredients are very important.
Farm specific ration formulations can be done and specific feed additives can be included when the need arises. When using
the Feedtek Macropig Breeder concentrate (Reg. No. V24574; Act
36 of 1947), the following rations can be formulated: Gilt Rearer, Gestation (Dry Sow) and Lactation feeds. Please consult with your Feedtek nutritionist for scientifically balanced feed formulations. Visit for further information.
Nutrition and Management
of the Prolific Sow, the NEW GENERATION SOW, is a combined plan between, management, veterinarian, nutritionist and genetic supplier.
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