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4 tips on how to feed pigs sustainably and profitably

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Casey Bradley, Pig Progress

“What is not cool today may become the next norm of tomorrow” – wise words by pig nutrition technology expert Dr Casey Bradley this month. Things are in constant motion. With sustainability becoming one of those next norms, it’s good to wonder what pork producers themselves can do to meet that norm.

If there is one thing that we all need to be prepared for it is change. My life is no exception to this.

Growing up in rural America on a farm we were the poster child of sustainability. We grew the majority of our own food. We preserved our food through canning or freezing. We ate the animals we raised and/or hunted and fished.

My grandma and aunt use to make a lot of my dresses as well. Instead of buying new boots we used plastic bread bags to keep our feet dry. My grandma’s version of Tupperware was a used Cool Whip or Cottage Cheese container. Having lunch at McDonald’s was a special treat and I thought I was the coolest kid for having my birthday party there.
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